Budget and Forms

Proposed budget for 2021 – 2022 :  Approved at the 11/9/2021 PTO Meeting

2021-2022 King PTO Budget

2021 Aug – 2022 May King PTO Profit and Loss


Reimbursement / Payment email request instructions  (2021-2022)

Receipts are required for all reimbursements. Please email the reimbursement request to [email protected] with receipts/invoices attached within 60 days of original purchase date. Please include the following information in the email.

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Description of Reimbursement
  • Payee (Name on Check)
  • Amount
  • Address to which check should be mailed (if necessary… indicate King School box otherwise).

Vendor invoices or order forms are required for direct payments to the vendors. King PTO will not reimburse for sales tax. Tax exempt letters can be obtained to insure you are not charged for sales tax for your purchases. Please contact Frost Hubbard (734-883-5927; [email protected]), PTO Co-Treasurer, if you have questions.

Under normal circumstances, receipts submitted to the PTO box will be processed within about two weeks. If you have special circumstances – please contact Frost Hubbard. Please note that all items purchased are exclusively for the use of King students and staff and are property of King.


Click on the following to get needed documents:

Tax Exempt Letter – scroll down to second page

Innovation Grant Request Form