Silent Auction

March 8, 2024
5:30pm – 8:00pm
At King

(register here, receive your bid number, check out the item catalog)



Silent Auction 2024 Info Sheet or Read here


What is the Silent Auction?

The Silent Auction is an annual PTO fundraiser to benefit King Elementary students, teachers, and staff. All proceeds go to the PTO to support things like school supplies, field trips, teacher grants, classroom resources, enrichment activities, and more.

What is special about the Silent Auction, though, is that many of the “items” auctioned are experiences – teachers teaching students how to make sushi, mom’s night out, ethnic dinners, as more. These events stemming from the Silent Auction are amazing community-building experiences that deepen our connection to one another and foster belonging and inclusion among our King neighbors. We hope you participate in any way you can!


What do I need to know?

Who? All King families are welcome! Bring the whole family!
What? King Silent Auction benefiting the King PTO
Where? King Elementary, Gym and MPR
When? Evening of Friday, March 8 @ 5:30pm – 8pm
What else? We will have food and activities to keep families entertained throughout the event.
Questions? Email [email protected]


How can I help?

Volunteer The Night of the Auction

It takes a lot of hands to pull this event off. Click on the link above to find different volunteer opportunities and those highlighted in yellow still need additional help. You’ll see that the time slots reflect the full amount of time for each role. We do expect that each volunteer team will work together so that individuals can step away to eat dinner, bid on items, etc., which is why we need extra hands on deck for each role. 


Check out our Amazon Wishlist 

We are currently seeking various items for the event, such as tablecloths, markers, snacks, and more. Please take a moment to review our Amazon wish list and consider making a contribution – even a small gesture can make a significant impact. Rest assured, all items received will go directly towards enhancing our silent auction.


Email [email protected] to ask about volunteering the night of the auction. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why an auction? King PTO puts on only one main fundraiser a year. It is one BIG, fun event that raises lots of money AND highlights our community.

How do I register? As we get closer to the day of the auction, you will have a chance to sign up through our auction website. You can create an account, link a credit card, and receive a bid number. You can also register the night of the auction, but there might be a wait.

Is it silent? Not at all! It’s a big, fun event with lots to do. “Silent” means there isn’t a live auctioneer calling out each item.

What should I bring? Bring CASH or have your VENMO ready for food & snacks, raffle tickets, and wine pull.

How do I bid? Every item is displayed on tables in the gym and has a bid sheet. You put a bid on the item you want, going higher than the person’s bid. But come back to check on it—you can get outbid quickly!

Bring the kids? Of course! There will be activities and fun for the kids. This is a family event.

Is there food? Yes! We have pizza and snacks for purchase.

What kinds of items can I win? The auction features tons of items available for bidding, which are generously donated by businesses big and small, King families, and King teachers.

  • Special parties or outings with favorite teachers
  • Gourmet & Specialty food & wine
  • Tickets & gift certificates to restaurants, music & theater shows, sporting events, & museums.
  • Group events & parties for kids and adults
  • Travel & destination packages
  • Themed baskets from each classroom (you’ll get a note from a volunteer in your child’s class about your basket theme)


Silent Auction 2024 Info: 


March 8, 2024

5:30 – 8:00pm

Part 1: Before the Night

What do I do before I go?
What do I bring?

Part 2: During the Night

Timeline for the night
What will I do at the auction?
How do I win?
What are the Special Tables?
Wine Pull ‘How To’
What is King Prime?
What is Cash for a Cause?

Part 3: End of the Night

Check Out Procedures

Important Info:

Auction Rules of Engagement
Auction Committee and Special Thanks


What Do I Do Before I Go?
  1. Visit or scan QR code 
  2. Click on “Pre-Register” in the page header. Enter the requested information. 
  3. Change the quantity of tickets desired to 1 x “Auction Night Bidding $0.00” and click “Add to Order.” 
  4. Complete the form with the Buyer’s information. 
  5. Follow the instructions to “submit your order.”  
  6. At this point, you can “Star” favorite items.
  7. Watch your email. An invitation to “check in” will be sent in the days leading up to the auction. This will allow you to vault your credit card and receive your bid number. This number is unique to your account and card. 

*Now you’re ready to skip the line and head straight to the gym for bidding!*

What do I Bring? 
  • Your ​list​ of favorites from the online catalog. 
  • Your ​smartphone ​for checking out online. 
  • Cash​ or Venmo for raffle tickets, tickets for food, and the Wine Pull. 


Timeline for the Night

5:30pm Doors Open, Bidding begins & Multipurpose Room activities start

6:00pm First come signup item “bid” sheets placed on tables

6:20pm​ ­ 1st Auction Group Closes (Silent 100s group)  

6:40pm 2nd Auction Group Closes (Silent 200s group)

7:00pm​ ­ 3rd Auction Group Closes (Silent 300s group)  

7:20pm​ ­ 4th Auction Group Closes (Silent 400s group)

7:40pm 5th Auction Group Closes (Silent 500s group)

7:45pm Drawing for Raffle Baskets and Closing Remarks   

8:00pm​ Check­out begins 


*Note* the group closing times above. You can search in the catalog by “categories” to find which items are in which groups (ex. Silent 100s, Silent 200s…) 


What will I do at the auction?

Visit the Gym from ​5:30pm-7:45pm­​:

  • Wine Pull (Cash or Venmo only, see rules below
  • Cash for a Cause (Donate through the Silent Auction Homepage) Look for this logo       on the map. 
    • Please visit our Cash for a Cause table for more information. 
  • King Prime (Sign up using bid number only)
  • All other items arranged by auction groups (bid number only)

Visit the Multipurpose Room and Room K-1 from 5:30pm – 7:45pm: 

  • Themed Raffle Baskets 
  • Pizza, Snacks, and drinks for purchase
  • Photo Booth
  • Games, art & crafts, face painting, nail painting, tattoos, and PLTW/WISE activities hosted by Huron students
How do I win? Either bid, signup, or enter a raffle!


  • Items have an individual bid sheet and a minimum bid amount.  
  • Use your bid number from registration to bid on items.  
  • Bid at least the minimum amount, but you can bid more. Come back often to check.  
  • Increase bid amount by at least the increment listed. 
  • If you are the highest bidder when the Group closes (see Timeline), ​YOU WIN!  



  • Other items have a limited number of “sign up” slots. To win, place your bidder number and name in an open slot before it fills up! 
  • The number of spots is limited and no new lines can be added to the sign up sheet.
  • Remember that sign up sheets will open at 6pm!


  • $1 per raffle ticket in the MPR
  • Guests need to clearly write their name and phone # on each ticket
  • Guests can place ticket(s) into the bucket in front of the raffle basket they hope to win


What are the Special Tables?

The Wine Pull consists of wine donated from King families valued at $20 or more. 

  • You pay a $25 “bid” at the Wine Pull table and pull a mystery bottle from the selection. Some bottles are valued at over $50! 
  • Win what may be your new favorite bottle of wine!
  • IMPORTANT! Wine Pull is cash or venmo ONLY. 
King Prime: Back by popular demand for 2024! The auction committee is pleased to offer a delivery service… King Prime! For a $25 donation to the King PTO via your bid number, the auction team promises to deliver your items within 2 days, no signature required.
  • Have young kids with early bedtimes and can’t wait until the end of the auction to collect your item? No problem! One of the auction super star team members will bring your winnings to you!           
  • Planning to bid on all the AWESOME items at the auction, but don’t have room in your trunk to get everything home? King Prime has you covered.  
  • Or perhaps you just dream of leaving the auction early to enjoy your new bottle of wine from the King Silent Auction Wine Pull.  We can make that happen.

Small print: This is a donation to the PTO. It is nonrefundable. As with that other, more famous Prime subscription service, you pay whether you end up needing it or not. With this membership, though, you’ll know you supported your child’s school!

You can sign up for King Prime at the King Prime table. Look for this logo on the map.

Cash for a Cause: A Family Writing Workshop, hosted by the EMU Writing Project for King K-1/2 English Language Learners (ELL) and their Families. 

Goal: $500 (Donate through the Silent Auction Homepage or QR code above) 

This year the King Silent Auction Committee has chosen to work with our ELL teachers to bring a writing workshop to some of our youngest English language learners and their families. There are approximately 39 different languages spoken by King families. We wanted to celebrate our diversity and international community this year by campaigning to raise funds for this writing workshop.

Check Out from your Phone at 8pm.
  • Electronically: Please WAIT to receive your email invitation to check out. The system does NOT allow check out before you receive it. 
  • If the items you won/signed up for are not physical items, you can check out from home.

Pickup your items:

  • King Prime: items delivered to your house. Items will not be delivered until you have checked out and paid. ­ If you have not checked out and paid by Sunday evening, you will be responsible for picking up your items even if you paid for King Prime. 
  • Non King Prime: If the items you won are physical items (gift box icon), you must take them with you after check out at King at 8pm. Your digital receipt will include an image of a gift box next to your items that are physical items. 


Safe and Secure Payments follows the PCI Data Security Standards for account data protection. Credit card information is encrypted and then sent through a secure tunnel to the Internet Payment Gateway, which securely stores the card data and then returns to the application a secure token which can be used for processing that card later in the evening. Card data is NOT stored on any local computers or on our servers. 


Auction Rules of Engagement 

  1. All bidders must have a bid number. Your bid number will be assigned during registration. 
  2. Children cannot bid on auction items.  
  3. All bidders, by virtue of accepting a number, have read the auction rules and agree to be bound thereby.  
  4. All items in the silent auction have bid sheets next to them. Adult persons desiring to bid on an item must do so by writing their bid number and amount of their bid on the bid sheet for that item.  
  5. In order to constitute a valid bid, each increasing amount must equal or exceed the minimum bid increase, which is located on the top of the bid sheet. All bids must be in whole dollar amounts.  
  6. Each new bid must be written in the top­most blank line available on the bid sheet.  
  8. In the event of a dispute, the auction official shall act as the final authority and shall determine the winning bidder. The official’s decision will be final.  
  9. All items and services must be used within any time limits specifically stated and are subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by the donor on the bid sheet, if any.  
  10. All sales are final. There will be no refunds or exchanges on items unless otherwise stated. While every reasonable effort has been made to describe each item correctly, all items and services are sold “as is” and “where is.”  
  11. The estimated fair market value of the item purchased is reflected on your receipt, along with the price paid. This information is provided to assist you in determining the appropriate tax treatment for your purchased item.
  12. Don’t discourage others by “hovering” or blocking.  
  13. PAYMENT SHOULD BE IN FULL AT THE AUCTION ON March 8, 2024. Acceptable forms of payment include Cash, Checks, or Credit Card. Preferred method is by credit card via online check­out. 
  14. If a winner is not present for final payment on March 8, 2024, payment must be made within one week, at a specified payment time.
  15. King Silent Auction/PTO incurs a small usage charge for credit card payments. By default, the fee is added to your order total when checking out online.  
  16. If arrangements need to be made for the pick­up or execution of a service, the bidder is responsible for contacting the donor and making arrangements. Bidder will be provided this information at the night of the auction. If a recipient cancels tickets or accommodations, no refund will be allowed from the King PTO. 
  17. You must take your items the night of the auction. Paid receipts will be required before any item may be taken from the auction site. See item descriptions for variations on this policy.  
  18. Every effort has been made to have key details included in the online catalog. However, there may be additional restrictions or limitations listed on the bid sheet. Please read the bid sheets carefully.  
  19. Some auction items have multiple possible bid winners (e.g., “top two bidders win”). In these cases, each winner pays the amount they bid.  


Thank you to the 2024 King Silent Auction Committee!

Silent Auction Co­Chairs: Beth Cable and Vani Patterson 

Business Solicitation Team: Erin Hill, Sam Scherba, Betzy McCarthy, Dana Rosselot, Buffy Beattie, Emily Mashal, Katie Dobbie

Family Solicitation Lead: LaVon Mejia

Teacher Solicitation Lead:​ Ann Lin

Wine Pull Leads: Lindsey Kerkez and Rachel Mazumder

Multipurpose Community Room Lead:​ Emily Mashal 

Raffle Basket Lead:​ Ann Lin 

Catalog Team:​ Mandy Hutton, Ann Lin, Emily Fine, Harini Sundararaghavan, Trevor Steer, Lindsay Lieber 

Printing & Signage:​ Katie and Mark Dobbie, Buffy Beattie and Brad Johnson

Marketing Team: Beth Cable, Stephanie Ellimoottil, Natalie Heaivilin, Rachel Mazumder, Wei Yao, Jessi Kishiyama


Special Acknowledgments

King Teachers & Staff: ​ Thank you to King’s own staff & teachers who supported and invested in making this Auction a success! School administration, classroom & support teachers, and the office & building staff all know how crucial the funds we raise are to our school.  They give their time, energy, and resources, and we thank them.  

Families:​ There are over 40 King families who have donated time, items or experiences to this auction. This event would not be possible without parent volunteers. ​Thank you​ to each and every one of you who volunteered before, during, and after the event!

Businesses: The 2024 auction has received shocking support from local businesses. We hope you bid on and win their donations, but also that you support these businesses beyond tonight’s Auction!

Ann Arbor Hands On Museum ◾ Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery ◾ Ann Arbor Running Company ◾ Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra ◾ Applied Fitness Solutions ◾ Arbor Brewing Company ◾ Arbor Hills Animal Clinic ◾ Arbor Teas ◾ Ascott Printing ◾ Big Blue Swim ◾ Binder Park Zoo ◾ Bivouac ◾ Blank Slate Creamery ◾ Buffalo Wild Wings ◾ Cahoots ◾ Cardamom ◾ Carson’s ◾ Chateau Chantal ◾ Cherry Republic ◾ Costco ◾ Curry On ◾ Detroit Red Wings ◾ Detroit Tigers Memorabilia Donations ◾ Dixboro General Store ◾ Dixboro Music Academy ◾ Downtown Home & Garden ◾ EK’s Cheesecakes ◾ Frita Batidos ◾ Golden Limo ◾ Gretchen’s House Daycare ◾

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