King Learning Garden


Our vision is that the King Learning Garden provides a source of local food for our school community and offers a connection to the earth that inspires new ways to think, learn, and live.


The King Learning Garden

  • acts as a sustainable model for local food production that includes ecological knowledge, cooperative school culture, and an immersion in hands-on learning through garden-based educational concepts.
  • provides positive health benefits to our students through school garden programs that promote physical activity, healthy eating habits, and expanded access to fresh, local, and organically grown food.
  • supports increased learner engagement through students’ cognitive, social, and emotional needs of experiential, interdisciplinary, and cross-cultural learning.
  • strives to be self- sufficient in every way – from financially to its utilization of resources – using methods that are currently recognized as best practices in organic and sustainable growing which preserve and respect the natural environment.
  • encourages improvement with every growing season while also increasing the opportunity for enrichment to the entire King community.
  • is designed to represent a cultural and practical shift in priorities towards the earth by engaging students to utilize the garden during and outside of the school day.


Feel free to email us at [email protected]!
Sherri Grant

Angela Bulman

Val Cuda

Becky Locke

We are currently anticipating the busy garden season and can’t wait to get started. If you are as excited as we are, please indicate some dates below in which you and your family would be interested in helping out! Summer help is also needed, so please consider signing up then too. Thank you.
Garden Volunteer Form

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The garden relies on PTO funds and grants to remain a viable educational tool for the community.  Please consider donating specifically to the garden.  Thank you.

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