Silent Auction

The Silent Auction is not only a fun event that brings families together in support of King School, it is also a major fundraiser for the PTO, generating funds that support field trips, classroom supplies, Science Olympiad teams and more!!

Check our PTO calendar for our next Silent Auction.  Doors open at 5:30, bidding ends at 8:00, and you’re out the door by 9:00.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why an auction?  King PTO puts on only one main fundraiser a year.  It is one BIG, fun event that raises lots of money AND highlights our community.

The Silent Auction raises about $20,000 for King which goes directly to fund student field trips, school supplies, teacher grants, and programs like International Night, Science Olympiad, Math Club, Academic Games, Bingo Night, and so much more!

When & Where?  A Friday night usually in April  at King School. The auction starts at 5:30, final bidding closes by 8pm and check out is over by 9pm.

Is it silent?  Not at all! It’s a big, fun event with lots to do. “Silent” means there isn’t a live auctioneer calling out each item.

How do I bid?  Every item is displayed on tables in the gym and has a bid sheet. You put a bid on the item you want, going higher amount than the person’s bid. But come back to check on it—you can get outbid quickly!

Bring the kids?  Of course! King Care is on site to help with kids. There is a magician who entertains the kids and the Hands-On Museum is there with fun science experiments.

Is there food?  Yes! We have a variety of food options available for purchase: Indian, Chinese, pizza and more.

What kinds of items can I win? The auction features ~300 items available for bidding, which are generously donated by businesses big and small, King families, and King teachers.

  • Special parities or outings with favorite teachers
  • Gourmet & Specialty food & wine
  • Tickets & gift certificates to restaurants, music & theater shows, sporting events, & museums.
  • Group events & parties for kids and adults
  • Travel & destination packages
  • Themed baskets from each classroom (you’ll get a note from a volunteer in your child’s class about your basket theme)

How can I contribute?

Some of our favorite—and biggest—winning items are from family donations. We need to know your donation idea before March 10th.  You can donate:
PARTIES! Wine tasting, poker night, cooking lessons, progressive dinner, kids’ parties, movie night.
TICKETS! Any sports teams (college/pro, near/far), music, arts, bands, dance, theater.
TRAVEL! Have a timeshare, a vacation spot, cabin? Donate a getaway! Near or far, we love to travel!
SPECIAL EXPERIENCES! Donate a class or service (hula, favorite meal, furniture making, dog walking
WINE!  Donate a bottle for the first ever wine pull
CASH FOR A CAUSE!  Not sure what to donate and would prefer to give money?  Donate cash to a specific initiative!
ATTEND! Bring guests to show support for your school and community.

How can I volunteer?
We need at least SIXTY (yes 60) people to pull of this night.  Please email us at [email protected] to help out!Thank you to our wonderful donors!